Marguerite Lartigau

Marguerite Lartigau was born in 1903 in Labenne, France. She was married to the socialist politician Jean Lartigau. They were arrested by the Germans because of their involvement in the Resistance movement. Marguerite was deported to Ravensbrück concentration camp and never saw her husband again. In April 1945 she was liberated by the Red Cross and brought to Malmö. After the war she lived with her children and her mother while running a tobacco shop in Capbreton, south France. Marguerite was honoured with the high French decoration “Officier de la Légion d’honneur”. She passed away in 1988.


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Marguerite Lartigau stepping of the boat in Malmö harbour on April 28, 1945


Photo from the Red Cross archive. Taken shortly after arrival in Sweden.


French documents from 1951-52 acknowledging Marguerite Lartigau’s work in the resistance movement.


Passenger list from Marguerite’s arrival with 18 other french women in Malmö