Fela Gelbart

Fela Gelbart (Skoog) arrived to Malmö with the morning ferry from Copenhagen with her sister Rosa on April 28, 1945. Fela was born in a city outside Lodz. During the war her family were moved to a ghetto in Lodz. In 1943 they were deported to Auschwitz by the Germans. Three of Fela’s siblings and her parents were killed. But Fela, her sister Rosa and two other sisters survived. Fela was reunited with Rosa in Copenhagen after being rescued by the Swedish Red Cross. They had been separated since Auschwitz, not knowing if the other one was alive. After arriving in Malmö the sisters were sent to stay in quarantine in Anneberg.

Today Fela lives in Gothenburg with her family close by.

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Fela and Rosa

Fela(to the left) with her sister Rosa in Malmö harbour on April 28, 1945.

Kriminalpolisen i Malmö

Passenger list from April 28, 1945.